Social Security Disability Overpayment in West Virginia

There have been occurrences of overpayment by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to disability benefits recipients. In these cases, individuals receive notification that they have been paid too much, even for years without knowing it, along with an explanation and a time period within which the SSA wants this amount repaid to them.

Since this compensation is valuable to the livelihood of individuals with debilitating conditions that prevent them from working, most don’t have this money readily available to pay back. The SSA then withholds monthly benefits checks until the amount has been recovered.

So, why does this happen?

Among many reasons, overpayment can occur if an individual continued receiving benefits despite returning to work through one of the SSA’s incentive programs such as Ticket to Work. Changes in income without proper notification could also result in overpayment. Marriage—especially remarriage—to a spouse whose income adjusts a household’s countable income can also be the cause.

Even if the overpayment was the result of the SSA’s oversight, the most someone can do is fill out form SSA-632 to appeal it. Unfortunately, it’s rare that the SSA will overturn their decision. And the process of appealing before an Administrative Law Judge can take years, every month of which that person will not receive benefits (depending on the overpayment amount).

What can you do to prevent Social Security Disability overpayment from happening to you?

An experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer can help you navigate the process with confidence – from the initial application for benefits to appealing your case to any situational changes that could affect your monthly amount after you’re approved.

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