West Virginia is home to thousands of miles of high volume railways used to transport countless goods supplied by a plethora of various industries. As a result, train and railroad related accidents are a relatively common occurrence. Unfortunately, as is the case with most big business, when an accident happens, the railroad industry tries to inoculate itself from blame. If you suffered physical or financial damages due to a railroad accident, you need a qualified personal injury attorney to help you prevent such an industry from scapegoating and get you the compensation you are entitled to.

Dozens of people are involved in accidents at railroad crossings alone. Overgrown vegetation and defective signs are just part of the problem leading to such accidents. It takes a moving train about a third of a mile to come to a full stop. This can lead to severely dangerous situations should a person or vehicle be at a crossing without knowledge of the train’s proximity. The force of a train hitting a car is the equivalent of your automobile running over a soda can. As you can imagine from such a dramatic analogy, serious injury and death are often the result of such negligence.

Railway employees are also subjected to potential risk of injury. The railroad involves vast amounts of heavy equipment and fast moving trains and machinery. If you suffered an injury on the job as the result of the railroad’s negligence or failure to act, you are entitled to fair compensation, in most cases, under the Federal Employees Liability Act.

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Railroad accidents can occur for several reasons, including such things as unsafe rails, defective crossing signs, conductor negligence, or train car failure. However, if you are not at fault for the injuries you or a loved one has sustained, it is imperative to hire a qualified West Virginia railroad accident lawyer. A licensed attorney experienced in railroad related accidents can help conduct a proper investigation and ensure responsible parties are held accountable.

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