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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides benefits through the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) if you have earned enough work credits in your life, are under the full retirement age, and have a disabling illness or injury that bars you from continuing to work.

The government also offers a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program to compensate certain disabled persons who have not worked long enough to earn the minimum work credits that would qualify them for SSDI and whose income does not exceed a certain threshold. If you believe you may be entitled to SSDI or SSI benefits, one of our nationwide social security disability lawyers can sit down with you and discuss the application process.

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 Social Security Disability Insurance

Recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits receive a monthly check, with the amount being determined by his or her wages, how long they have worked, and how much they have paid into Social Security. Health insurance benefits are also available in some cases.

These benefits make a difference for disabled persons and the families who depend on them for support. The SSA estimates that today’s 20-year-old worker has a one in four chance of becoming disabled before full retirement age. To receive SSDI benefits, the SSA uses the following five step evaluation process:

  • If you are working, SSA will determine whether you are working under the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) limit.
  • Is your medical condition severe?
  • Does your medical condition meet the criteria found within SSA’s listing of impairments?
  • Are you able to do the work you have done in the past?
  • Can you perform any other type of work?

The presence of dependent children and spouses, even divorced spouses, might potentially make an applicant eligible for extra benefits as well. To discuss potential benefits with a qualified nationwide Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer, call now for a free consultation.

Supplemental Security Income

To receive SSI, you must be at least 65 years old, blind, or have a disability, and have “limited” income and resources. The SSA employs a complex formula to make sure your countable assets do not exceed the threshold for receiving SSI benefits. For example, food stamps, income tax refunds, and gas and electric energy assistance are not part of countable income, nor are a person’s primary home or primary vehicle. Stocks, bonds, cash, and other real estate are countable. Talk to an experienced social security disability lawyer, from anywhere in the country, to discuss eligibility for SSI or SSDI benefits.

Appealing an SSDI or SSI Denial – In Any State or City

Both SSDI and SSI benefits can be denied if the Social Security Administration does not believe an applicant has met the criteria for approval. A denial notice will be sent, which must be appealed within 60 days. Our Social Security Disability lawyers have had much success  getting claims approved that had initially been denied, establishing benefits for our clients across the country.

The SSA provides multiple levels to appeal, which must be attempted in order. They begin with an informal review for reconsideration of an applicant’s claim by an examiner at the Disability Determination Section (DDS) who was not involved in the denial.

Disability Appeal Hearing

If a denial is issued by the second examiner reconsidering the initial denial, a disability appeal hearing is conducted by an administrative law judge who will review the claim and listen to arguments about why a claim should be approved.

Appeals Council Review

Social Security’s National Appeals Council denies, grants, or dismisses a review request. The council will review a denial by the judge in a disability hearing if it grants a review.

Federal District Court

A claim denial by the Appeals Council leaves one more possible option by filing a lawsuit in federal district court. Applicants can claim there was a procedural error or the law was not applied properly.

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Social Security Disability benefits provide a safety net for citizens who have worked but become disabled before full retirement age, or those who are blind or disabled at a younger age and have a great financial need. We are dedicated to helping you get the benefits you deserve.

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