Attorney Costs for Social Security Disability Claims in West Virginia

Put simply, Social Security Disability attorneys behave differently from many other attorney services. In order for us to collect a payment, we must first win your case. If the claim is rejected, or we lose the appeal process, then you are not held liable for any payments. As a result, we have just as much of a stake in your claim as you do.

If we do manage to win your claim, then we’re restricted to only collecting 25% of your disability backpay, up to a maximum of $6,000. While this may sound like a large amount of money, it’s important to remember that SSD claims involve a great deal of negotiation. Of course, there are a few minor out-of-pocket expenses that you might be responsible for, such as paying for costs associated with medical records or for postage, but you should never have to pay an SSD attorney outside of their contingency fee from winning.

If you believe that you might qualify for Social Security Disability and are in need of the services of a knowledgeable lawyer, then be sure to contact Jan Dils today. We always fight for our clients through each stage of the process in order to ensure that they get everything they are owed. Since SSD lawyers don’t get paid unless you do, our services are virtually risk-free and will only help to improve the chances of your claim succeeding.

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