Regardless if you’re pursuing a claim for Personal Injury, Social Security, or VA Disability, the process can be difficult. It’s natural that you may have questions. That is why we have a trained team of case managers in place to keep you on track.

Our personal injury lawyers in WV and NC are often in court representing individuals just like you for the benefits you deserve. Because of our team’s concentration on hearings and preparation for cases, our attorneys aren’t always in the office. We recognized this issue many years ago and decided to implement a case management system to better assist our clients.

Case managers play a vital role at our firm. Each case manager has been trained for an extended period of time to better grasp the process. Case Managers study only one legal discipline in our firm. Since these case managers aren’t attending hearings, they are more available for your calls. They work alongside our legal team and our management staff to better assist our clients.

One of the greatest aspects of our case management system is that you’ll get to know your case manager well. You won’t be sent through multiple people at the firm once you’ve been introduced to your case manager. You can also call your case manager anytime you want. Even if you call after hours, our night answering service will take your message and have your case manager call you the next business day.

We focus on teamwork. Every member of our team is an important part of the system. Case Managers are great assets for our firm, and we hope you get to know your case manager well.

Your Social Security Case Manager
  • A-D: Shaderika McCarther (1390) –
  • A-D: Melissa Lamb (1371) –
  • A-D: Krista Jackson (1390) –
  • E-L: Danielle Shearer (1381) –
  • E-L: Kerry Lucas (1407) –
  • M-R: Joyce Pryor (1363) –
  • M-R: Brooke Watkins (1376) –
  • S-Z: Amanda Richard (1391) –
  • S-Z: Jada Haslip (1397) –
  • Team Leader: Sabrina Stanley (1340) –


Your Personal Injury Case Manager
  • Elise McCay (1360)
  • Team Leader: John Weber
Your VA Case Manager
  • A-E: Chelsea Morgan-Soukounian (304-449-5487) –
  • A-E: Stephonte Pierce (304-449-5487) –
  • B: Joe Fortuno (304-449-5422) –
  • F-J: Kayla Cordero (304-449-5423) –
  • F-J: Sara Welling (304-449-5423) –
  • K-Q: Noah Lauderman (304-449-5429) –
  • K-Q: Asia Coon (304-449-5429) –
  • M: Leah Miller (304-449-5442) –
  • R-Z: Josh Jacobsen (304-449-5550) –
  • R-Z: Joe Campanelli (304-449-5550) –
  • S: Jaime Caverly (304-449-5565) –
  • Team Leader: Beth Parsons (304 449-5507) –

If your last name begins with:


Letter: ( B )304-449-5422
Letter: ( M )304-449-5442
Letter: ( S )304-449-5565
Letters: (A, C, D or E) not B (see above)304-449-5487
Letters: ( F, G, H, I, or J )304-449-5423
Letters: ( K, L, N, O, P, or Q ) not M (see above)304-449-5429
Letters: ( R, T, U, V, W, X, Y, or Z ) not S (see above)304-449-5550
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