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When accidents cause injuries, the consequences can be significant. Sudden, unexpected medical bills can create huge financial burdens, especially when an injured person must take time off at work to recover.

However, if another party was responsible for your accident, there are legal avenues for securing the compensation you need to move forward with your life. Let a Beckley personal injury lawyer advise you in pursuing a claim for damages. An experienced attorney can explain your options and determine an effective course of action given the circumstances.

Common Scenarios in Personal Injury Claims

There are numerous scenarios that could result in a personal injury lawsuit, from sports injuries to car accidents. What these claims have in common is an act of negligence. A skilled lawyer must prove that another party’s negligence caused the accident to recover compensation on behalf of an injured victim.

While there are countless ways that a personal injury can occur, certain circumstances are more likely to lead to a viable case than others. In any of these situations, a Beckley personal injury attorney can help.

Vehicular Accidents

Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents make up the largest percentage of personal injury lawsuits in Beckley. These collisions often involve large vehicles moving at high speed, resulting in severe or even fatal injuries.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors are humans, and humans make mistakes. However, when a doctor, nurse, facility administrator, or other medical professional fails to provide a basic standard of care to patients, he or she could face civil liability for the damage caused.


Slips, trips, and falls routinely lead to emergency room visits. These accidents could occur because of wet floors, loose extension cords, or poor lighting. An experienced injury lawyer can help hold the property owner responsible if he or she failed to address the hazard in a reasonable way.

Defective Products

Defective consumer or industrial products can cause injuries. An injured victim may have a viable claim for compensation if the product caused harm despite being used as intended. Personal injury lawsuits might not be viable if the injured party misused the object.

Settlement vs. Trial for Injuries in Beckley

When it comes to personal injury litigation, there are two ways a Beckley attorney can obtain a favorable outcome. The first is negotiating a settlement with the defendant or their insurance company. The second is securing a verdict at trial.

Negotiated settlements are commonplace in personal injury cases. In fact, many parties agree to a settlement before the injured person ever files a lawsuit. Settlement negotiations can begin shortly after the accident occurs, but they often last well after a lawsuit is filed.

While most cases end in settlement, there are times when litigation becomes necessary. Some defendants will simply refuse to negotiate, while others lack the resources to make a reasonable offer. In these cases, a skilled attorney in the area can file a lawsuit and present a strong case at trial.

Contact a Beckley Personal Injury Attorney for Guidance

If you suffered harm due to another person’s negligence, you have the right to seek a monetary award. A successful personal injury lawsuit can lead to compensation for your medical expenses, pain, property damage, or other losses.

A Beckley personal injury lawyer can fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Call today to learn more.

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