Filing a Social Security Disability Claim in West Virginia

One of the primary factors that can impede a person’s ability to work is his health. Physical disability combined with mental illness makes it doubly difficult to land a job, much less keep one. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has established programs, one of which is the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, designed to help people who have been denied work opportunities because of their condition. While the program’s promise has continued to meet the needs of disabled individuals, applying for these federal benefits remains an often demanding impediment in itself, especially for those who need help the most.

When the process of applying may seem overwhelming for you, you may consult with a lawyer experienced in helping individuals with their Social Security claims. Alyssa Russo, writing for Yahoo!’s Voices, advises that part of your application process would include consulting with a doctor and filing the appropriate documents. An experienced social security disability lawyer should be able to help you with the complex documentation, and more importantly, in presenting your case in the best light possible.

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Attain a doctor’s professional opinion

Before you apply for SSDI, you must first undergo a physical examination with a doctor (and a mental specialist, if relevant to your application) to determine the extent of your illness or injury. You’ll need certain medical documents from the doctor, including a letter for a recommendation, informing the SSA of the nature of your condition.

Apply with appropriate, detailed records

To file a claim for an SSDI, you can either go to your local Social Security office or apply online. Whether you choose one or the other, the important thing is to make sure you have completed all the proper documents and information required for submission. Submit a copy of your birth certificate and your medical history, which should include your doctor’s own recommendation letter. You will also need to submit a detailed explanation to justify your social security disability eligibility. The critical question that needs to be answered here is whether or not your physical or mental disability inhibits your ability to work, as well as your ability to appreciate and enjoy most other activities in your life.

Hire an experienced social security lawyer

Almost 2/3 of potential applicants for SSDI are denied benefits for various reasons. In many of these cases, applicants choose to hire a disability lawyer to help them through the entire legal process. A capable attorney can help make a proper appeal, presenting your case in a way that would effectively counter the initial basis for disapproval. Knowledgeable social security lawyers, such as Jan Dils Attorney at Law, are experienced enough to craft your case, banking on their deep understanding of the SSA’s approval process.

(Source: Tips for Those with Mental Illness Who Want to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, Yahoo! Voices, 13 Oct, 2013)

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