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There are many people living with disabilities in Beckley. These conditions could make it difficult to maintain employment or take care of yourself. In some cases, a disability could result in additional expenses that pose a financial burden.

If you are currently living with a disability, benefits through the Social Security Administration might be available. Various factors will determine what benefits you might be entitled to recover, as a knowledgeable attorney can explain. With the help of a Beckley social security lawyer, you can identify the benefit programs that apply to your situation.

Social Security Disability Insurance

One of the major benefits programs operated by the Social Security Administration is known as Social Security Disability Insurance. More commonly referred to as SSDI, this program provides workers with wage replacement benefits when their disabilities prevent them from maintaining employment.

Work Credit Requirements

Not all workers will qualify for these benefits, as there are strict requirements related to an applicant’s work history. A worker that is disabled must have enough work credits to be eligible for the full amount of benefits. Work credits are earned by working full time and paying payroll taxes or self-employment taxes. After roughly ten years of working, an applicant could have the work credits needed to qualify for SSDI benefits.

Qualifying Disabilities

An SSDI applicant must also have a qualifying disability. This could be an injury or illness that prevents that person from working for more than a year. Alternatively, this disability could also be likely to be fatal. An attorney in Beckley can provide more information on the eligibility requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance.

Supplemental Security Income

As with SSDI, the benefits available through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is intended for disabled individuals. However, the eligibility requirements for this program are very different compared to SSDI. A Beckley social security attorney can help you navigate the differences between these programs.

One of the significant differences is that SSI is not tied to an applicant’s work history. It is possible to secure benefits through this program while living on a limited income.

Income Requirement

The income requirement is the most important thing to keep in mind in these cases. SSI benefits are reserved for those individuals in dire financial situations. Many people will have assets or income that are too substantial to qualify for this program.

A person’s income is only part of the means-testing that goes into SSI benefits. The Social Security Administration will also consider other assets like vehicles or real property. Even in-kind contributions like receiving free meals could qualify as income. Some types of income—including tax refunds—are not included in this calculation.

Disability Requirements for SSI

There are also requirements for disabling conditions to receive SSI. A person must either have a disability recognized by the Social Security Administration or be blind to receive benefits through this program. Those who wish to apply for Supplemental Security Income in Beckley should consult a nearby attorney on the eligibility requirements.

Learn How a Beckley Social Security Attorney Could Help

For many people, benefits through the Social Security Administration represent life-altering compensation. These benefits could provide a replacement for wages that are no longer possible due to a disability.

If you believe you are entitled to benefits through the Social Security Administration, now is the time to seek legal help. Contact a Beckley Social Security lawyer today to learn more.

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