Social Security Disability Waiting Times in West Virginia

We’ve made it no secret that the Social Security Disability application process can be complicated and lengthy. So what factors influence your waiting time?

Some factors include whether you’re undergoing the initial application part of the process or an appeal, how long it takes your particular state to review claims, how seamless it is to obtain relevant medical records or if you have a severe disability that may qualify for the Compassionate Allowances program and reduce your waiting time.

One of the most common deterrents in an applicant’s process is the denial of the initial claim, particularly if he or she is again denied at the appeal stage and must face an administrative law judge. Waiting for a judge’s review can take up to an additional year or more.

Complicated diagnoses, mystery ailments and missing or incomplete medical records can also significantly delay a case. This is why it’s helpful to have experienced legal representation to give your case its best chance for success so you can receive the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.

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