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Your Huntington Social Security, Personal Injury, and Veterans Benefits Attorneys

The process of obtaining Social Security Disability is sometimes trying with seemingly endless documents to complete and long periods of time without hearing news. And if you are not approved initially, then the appeals process is in your future – a time that you do not want to spend alone.

At Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, we are committed to representing the citizens of Huntington, West Virginia, helping you build the best Social Security Disability claim so you can get the compensation you deserve.

That goes for working with the VA as well, which can sometimes take up to 7 years to receive a decision. As a Veteran you should make sure you have the best team working for you – at Jan Dils we have a whole staff dedicated to our Veteran clients. We have helped Veterans from coast to coast get the benefits they deserve.

We Won’t Give Up

Our hardworking staff won’t give up on your case. We will draw from our proven experience and research team of experts to explore every avenue, making sure you are aware and informed at each new step in the process. On top of the work they do for your case, your case managers will go above and beyond to provide you with the resources in your area that can help make your claim time easier while you wait for your decision!

If you’re just beginning to look into Social Security Disability or Veterans benefits, or still waiting for news about your initial application, or you face the appeals process, we want to help.

The First Consultation is Free

The first consultation with Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, is always free. You can tell our expert staff about your case under no obligation. Our team consists of determined and intelligent Social Security Disability legal professionals with proven results in cases like yours throughout West Virginia.

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Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law

Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law