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The sudden loss of your child, parent, or beloved spouse is heart-wrenching. Matters only become more devastating if his or her premature passing was caused by another person’s careless actions. If your loved one was the main provider for your household, you might also be experiencing dire economic challenges.

When another party’s negligence has caused your loved one’s death, you might have grounds to pursue legal action against those responsible. A compassionate Marietta wrongful death lawyer can help you hold the wrongdoers legally accountable for his or her actions and recover the compensation you need to move forward. Nothing can make up for the loss you have suffered, but damages could help you address any costs related to your loved one’s passing. Contact our firm today to discuss your unique situation with a compassionate lawyer.

When Is Loss of Life Considered Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death occurs when one person’s negligence, carelessness, intentional misconduct, or recklessness causes another person to pass away. Most wrongful deaths are preventable accidents that would not have occurred if the wrongdoer had acted appropriately and reasonably. Other wrongful deaths happen through willful misconduct, such as when a wrongdoer commits a homicide. In most cases, the family of a deceased person can bring a wrongful death claim under similar rules and procedures that would have applied if the decedent had survived his or her injuries and was eligible to file a lawsuit against the wrongdoer.

If a family member is unsure about whether a loved one’s death is considered wrongful, he or she should consult with a knowledgeable Marietta attorney to learn more about potential legal action.

Grounds for Filing Marietta Wrongful Death Actions

Wrongful deaths can occur in several different ways, such as automobile crashes, workplace accidents, slip and fall mishaps, and incidents involving criminal activity or defective products.

Automobile Accidents

Irresponsible drivers who are drunk, high, distracted, tired, or impatient can cause deadly car crashes.

Defective Products

Companies that make mistakes during the design, manufacturing, or distribution of their products could be held liable. A diligent Marietta attorney could investigate the testing, manufacturing, and marketing process to learn where the error occurred and who is to blame for the wrongful death.

Workplace Accidents

Sadly, fatal accidents still occur at workplaces. Surviving family members could be eligible to collect death benefits through workers’ compensation laws. Employers could also be liable in civil actions if they were willfully negligent concerning worker safety. In addition, a family might be able to pursue a civil claim against an independent contractor, building owner, or other third parties.

Slip and Falls Accidents

Family members might be able to pursue a legal claim if their loved one dies due to an injury sustained in a fall. The family could sue a landowner, business owner, caretaker, or anyone else in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the property where the fall occurred.

Criminal Activity

If someone’s criminal behavior leads to another person’s death, the wrongdoer could be liable in a civil wrongful death claim even if he or she is the subject of a criminal prosecution.

Our seasoned Marietta attorneys have vast experience helping family members take action against people responsible for causing their loved one’s death. Legal professionals understand how to skillfully investigate to determine what caused the death and identify who is legally responsible.

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If you lost your loved one because of someone else’s actions, you deserve justice. However, wrongful death claims are often complicated to pursue, especially without the guidance of an experienced legal professional. This is because, per Ohio law, not everyone who is hurt by a decedent’s death can pursue legal action. A Marietta wrongful death lawyer can sit down with your family to advise whether you have a viable claim and are eligible to file suit.

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