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In the past, workplace accidents were commonplace. Dangerous machinery and unsafe working conditions constantly harmed employees. However, recent technological advancements and workplace regulations, such as limits on the number of hours people can work, have helped reduce the number of worksite accidents. Despite these changes, it is still possible for workers to suffer life-changing and even fatal injuries while on the job. Injured employees often face countless challenges, such as the inability to work and provide for loved ones.

If you have suffered an on-the-job illness or injury due to your employer’s deliberate intent, a Marietta workers’ compensation lawyer can help you recover damages to aid in your recovery. We understand that pursuing legal action against your employer may seem intimidating, but our experienced personal injury attorneys are here to guide you confidently and correctly through every step of the process. Let us help you recover the compensation you need to move forward. Contact our firm today to get started.

Common Workplace Injuries

While some worksites are considerably safer in the 21st century than in prior years, others remain inherently more dangerous. For instance, people working in factories, railyards, or construction sites are still at an increased risk of suffering severe workplace harm. Different types of workers are more apt to suffer different types of injuries. For instance, a warehouse worker who regularly performs the same type of manual labor, such as lifting heavy boxes all day, is at risk of suffering a lower back injury. A factory worker who bends over and performs the same motions daily could get a repetitive stress injury in his or her neck. Factory workers can lose fingers from a defective piece of machinery. Construction workers can suffer head trauma or other injuries in worksite falls.

It is important to note that office workers are not immune from workplace injuries. For example, someone who sits at a computer for extended periods to type could develop carpal tunnel syndrome in his or her wrists.

Not all workplace injuries occur in one-off, isolated accidents. Occupational diseases can arise from long-time exposure to dangerous or toxic chemicals or substances. Job trauma or work-related stress could lead to mental and psychological injuries.

Regardless of the type of injury, a Marietta workers’ compensation attorney can help employees fight back. Legal counsel can speak with medical experts to learn what kind of care an injured worker might need, and fight for a comprehensive damages award that adequately covers his or her losses.

Deliberate Intent Exception to Marietta Workers’ Compensation Laws

In most cases, injured employees in Ohio can pursue workers’ compensation benefits from employers. The most significant advantage of workers’ compensation benefits is that they are no-fault, which means that an injured worker can still collect benefits even if he or she did something that contributed to the injury. The most significant disadvantage of these benefits is that they are generally exclusive and are supposed to be a worker’s only source of remedy against the employer. In other words, if an employee is eligible to collect benefits, he or she usually cannot also sue the employer.

However, employers are not always immune from civil liability under Ohio law. An injured worker can sue his or her employer if he or she can prove that the employer acted with deliberate intent. An injured employee would need to show that the employer specifically intended for the employee to suffer an injury, which is a demanding standard to meet. Alternatively, injured workers can look for evidence of unsafe working conditions that the employer was aware of.

A skilled Marietta workers’ compensation attorney can help a hurt employee search for proof of this intent by reviewing the employer’s safety practices and comparing them to the industry standard.

Get in Touch with a Marietta Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workplace injuries can change your entire life’s course in a matter of seconds. If your employer or former employer did something that deliberately caused your injury, you deserve the chance to fight back. A Marietta workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm can help you pursue damages from your employer for their harmful actions.

While financial compensation cannot make up for your harm, these payments could help you get back on your feet after a debilitating accident. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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