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When pharmaceutical companies or healthcare providers subject consumers to dangerous medications, they should be held to account. You do not have to bear the burden alone if you are the victim of dangerous drugs. Your experience is real, and under Ohio law, you may be eligible for compensation for the losses you have suffered.

Talking to a Marietta dangerous drug lawyer can help you determine the proper course of action to protect and assert your legal rights. An attorney from our firm can review your case, gather additional evidence, and advise you on your legal options. Contact our team today to get started.

What Is a Dangerous Drug?

All medications and treatments have potential side effects. For example, a medicine might cause a minor upset stomach or increase someone’s chance of getting a sunburn if he or she is out in direct sunlight for too long. But when medications cause persistent, debilitating, or life-threatening side effects, they cross the line from ordinary to potentially dangerous.

Medications are dangerous if they impose severe risks on patients, such as an increased chance of seizures, heart attacks, or other serious adverse effects. Furthermore, medications can be dangerous if patients are unaware of the breadth of risks of taking the drug, or if the side effects interfere with their daily lives. For example, if a patient is taking medication for one condition, he or she should know if the treatment increases their chance of developing another (potentially more severe) condition.

If a consumer believes his or her medication is to blame for other conditions he or she is experiencing, he or she may benefit from talking to an experienced dangerous medications attorney serving Marietta. An attorney can review an injured party’s medical record and the applicable law to determine if he or she has a claim against a pharmaceutical company, hospital, or healthcare provider.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

Pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers may be liable under state product liability law. Under Ohio’s product liability law, pharmaceutical companies may be responsible for harm that befalls consumers if the drugs pose a substantial risk to consumers or if the business fails to warn consumers about the dangers of taking the medication. Further, if the drug has a defect, is improperly researched, or is contaminated and harms a consumer, the company may be held accountable.

As a Marietta attorney can further explain, healthcare providers, such as prescribing doctors or pharmacists, may be liable if a dangerous drug harms a patient. These parties may be responsible if they fail to adequately inform the patient of the drug’s risks or prescribe a hazardous dosage. The doctor may be liable if he or she negligently prescribes the medication; for example, if he or she instructs a patient to take a drug they are allergic to.

Trust Your Claim With a Marietta Dangerous Drugs Attorney

If you are a victim of dangerous drugs, you deserve closure and compensation for what you have gone through. By pursuing a legal claim against an at-fault pharmaceutical company or healthcare provider, you can begin to journey to justice.

A Marietta dangerous drugs lawyer helps you by standing up against the faceless pharmaceutical company on your behalf. He or she can present legal arguments and negotiate with the involved parties to come to a settlement that serves your best interests. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help.

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