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As a consumer, you have the right to buy and use products without fear of a defect causing harm to you or your family. Unfortunately, manufacturers, distributors, and other parties may overlook potential defects, increasing the risk of harm to consumers. When these faulty products harm people, injured parties may be eligible to pursue legal actions against those responsible.

A Marietta defective products lawyer understands the challenges you face and is here to help you recover the compensation you deserve for your losses. Allow an attorney on our team to serve as your advocate and shield, communicating with third parties on your behalf and helping you navigate the complex realm of product liability law.

Common Types of Defective Products

Any product could potentially harbor a defect that poses a risk to consumers. Common defective products include prescription medications, medical devices, vehicles, power tools, large and small appliances, and children’s toys. Additionally, contaminated goods such as weed killers or food may qualify under a product liability case.

As an attorney serving Marietta can further explain, the definition of a defective product varies based on the applicable state law. Generally, the defect must cause the device or product to malfunction when someone uses the product as intended. In other words, if someone uses the product in ways that do not fit its ordinary use, he or she may not have a legal claim if the device injures him or her or someone he or she knows.

How to Determine if Someone Has a Defective Product Case

Under Ohio law, to have a defective product case (called a product liability claim), the injured party must show that the following elements are true:

  • The product was defective in design, formulation, construction, or because of an inadequate warning about the hazards of using it
  • The defect caused someone to experience an unintended harm
  • The manufacturer is responsible for the defect

The victim typically must prove all three elements to have a valid claim against the manufacturer. Because multiple parties often contribute to the manufacture, design, or formulation (e.g., prescriptions or chemicals) of a product, it is crucial for injured parties to diligently perform research before filing a lawsuit. Victims may have a legal claim against multiple parties in defective product cases. During a confidential consultation, a knowledgeable Marietta attorney can help an injured party determine if he or she has a viable defective product claim.

Compensation in Product Liability Lawsuits

An injured party may be eligible to receive multiple types of compensation to address the harm he or she experienced. For example, he or she may be eligible to receive economic compensation to address the financial costs of the incident.

Additionally, if the manufacturer was reckless or intentionally ignored known risks, the court may impose a financial penalty (punitive damages) on those responsible. An award of punitive damages is uncommon; they are typically reserved for cases where the court finds it appropriate to punish the at-fault person or company and deter others from committing the same mistakes. To discuss what compensation may be available in a specific Marietta product liability lawsuit, contact a lawyer from our firm.

Discuss Your Claim With a Marietta Defective Products Attorney

Sustaining an injury because of a defective product is an overwhelming experience. While nothing can truly turn back the hands of time, filing a legal claim could alleviate your burdens and help you move forward.

A Marietta defective products lawyer will fight tirelessly for the compensation you need to set things right. Further, an attorney can serve as your guide, helping you to navigate the process of filing a claim against the negligent manufacturer or party responsible for your injuries. Please schedule a consultation with us today.

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