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Watching an elderly parent’s physical health or cognitive abilities slowly decline is devastating. There might come a point when you decide that remaining at home alone or even in the care of a loved one is no longer what is best for his or her physical, mental, or emotional well-being. In this situation, you may consider the move to a nursing home where you can trust he or she will receive the kind of care they need and deserve.

But what happens when the facility breaks this trust and harms your family member through intentional abusive acts or negligence? A Marietta nursing home abuse lawyer from our firm is here to help you seek justice through a personal injury claim. Allow our team of skilled attorneys to assist you with holding the negligent caretaker or facility accountable for your loved one’s suffering.

Intentional Abuse in Marietta Residential Care Facilities

Sadly, intentional abuse sometimes occurs in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Nursing home abuse has occurred when a deliberate action or omission causes harm to a resident. Several types of abuse are possible in care facilities, such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, and psychological abuse.

Physical Abuse

The harm can be physical, such as when a caregiver hits, punches, pinches, scratches, or kicks a patient. Physical abuse also occurs when a caregiver uses excessive or unnecessary restraints. Intentionally withholding food, medication, or water can also be physical abuse.

Physical abuse can also happen when one resident assaults another resident. The nursing home could be legally responsible for the harm if the facility failed to adequately supervise the residents and allowed the abuse to occur.

Sexual Abuse

Caregivers or other residents also occasionally take advantage of patients sexually. They can force sexual acts on residents who are incapable of giving consent. Rape, groping, or other forced touching can all occur.

Financial Abuse

Trusted caregivers occasionally exploit nursing home residents financially. They might take money from purses, valuable objects from residents’ rooms, or misappropriate money by writing fake checks or altering a will.

Psychological Abuse

Staff members commit psychological abuse when they intentionally belittle, intimidate, or cause a resident to suffer mental anguish.

Nursing home abuse is unacceptable, regardless of how it happened. An attorney serving Marietta can work tirelessly to ensure an abused resident’s voice is heard and the nursing home is held accountable for its actions.

Negligence in Marietta Nursing Homes

In nursing homes, negligence can occur when a facility or caregiver fails to act in a manner that a reasonable person would in similar circumstances. For example, failing to monitor residents in common areas or rooms, administering incorrect doses of medication, or failing to tend to the residents’ basic needs could all amount to negligence.

Residents may not come forward about the abuse out of fear, making it critical for concerned family members to speak with a knowledgeable local attorney to learn more about the symptoms and signs of neglect in a nursing home.

Speak to a Marietta Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Nursing homes are supposed to nurture your loved one, not harm him or her. Unfortunately, elder abuse is a serious problem in Marietta. If you suspect a residential care facility has abused your loved one, you should speak to a Marietta nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

A seasoned attorney from our firm can stand up for your loved one and recover the compensation he or she deserves. Call today to get started.

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