Physical Disability Claims in Parkersburg

When you are suffering from a physical disability that prevents you from working, you may be able to claim benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). There are a wide range of physical disabilities that may entitle you to benefits, but the SSA has strict requirements that you must fulfill to be entitled to a payout for your claim.

Our attorneys can assist with physical disability claims in Parkersburg for both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), as well as Supplement Security Income (SSI). It is to your benefit to work with a helpful SSDI attorney from the start of your case to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.

Overview of Physical Disability Claims

When someone is suffering from a severe physical disability in Parkersburg, which will mean he or she cannot work for a prolonged period or permanently, they may be eligible to claim SSDI benefits. These benefits are meant for totally disabled individuals who have a work history that enabled him or her to pay into the Social Security system and earn sufficient work credits.

A person may be considered totally disabled for the purposes of SSDI benefits when he or she is unable to work a current or previous job, or any other kind of work, and has a medical condition that is either fatal or will continue for at least a year. That physical disability must also be included in the long list of disorders and illnesses the SSA has determined are qualifying medical conditions. These conditions include, but are not limited to: musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory illnesses, neurological conditions, hematological conditions, and cancers.

If a person is suffering from a disabling physical condition but has not worked before or does not have enough work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits, he or she may be able to claim SSI benefits. These are designed for individuals who have minimal income and resources. In addition to meeting these needs-based thresholds, a person applying for SSI benefits must either be of retirement age, disabled, or blind.

Filing a Physical Disability Claim

A Parkersburg attorney can help applicants navigate all aspects of filing and appealing a physical disability claim. These cases are notoriously complex and denials are frequent.

Extensive documentation and records are required to prove the applicant meets the thresholds for financial and medical eligibility for SSDI and SSI claims. Key evidence could include the applicant’s medical records, x-ray and diagnostic results, and doctor’s notes.

In an SSDI claim, for example, if the applicant demonstrates he or she meet the medical criteria, but do not provide sufficient evidence to show their disability will prevent any kind of meaningful work, the claim could be denied.

A Social Security attorney can help someone avoid the most common pitfalls that lead to denials, while also representing the client at any administrative or court proceedings. If an appeal needs to be launched, an attorney can immediately get to work investigating the reasons behind the initial denial and working diligently to prevent any further negative results.

Contact a Parkersburg Attorney About Your Physical Disability Claim

It can take some time for physical disability claims in Parkersburg to be paid. For example, even if the SSA approves your SSDI claim, you will still need to undergo a five-month waiting period before they will start paying out benefits.

If your claim is denied or simply gets caught up in the SSA’s backlog, this process can take a lot longer. An attorney from Jan Dils can provide strong advocacy and representation to ensure your claim does not fall through the cracks and help you seek the full range of benefits you may be entitled to. Call now to speak with us in a free consultation and find out more about filing your physical disability claim.

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