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If you recently applied for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) but received a denial letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA), it does not mean your claim has ended. In fact, most SSDI claims find success only after one or more denials. Don’t give up, get help from a Parkersburg SSDI denial lawyer as soon as possible.

Types of SSDI Denials

Claims for SSDI can be denied by the SSA for a variety of reasons. For instance, a technical denial has non-medical implications, such as not being insured for the SSDI program as a result of not having worked long enough. The SSA needs proof that an applicant worked for a sufficient amount of time before becoming disabled.

Alternatively, the SSA may issue a medical denial after reviewing a Parkersburg applicant’s medical conditions if it does not believe his or her impairment is severe enough to prevent them from engaging in other types of work. Most technical (non-medical) denials cannot be appealed. However, a medical denial can and should always be challenged with the help of a seasoned attorney.

Updating Medical Records after an SSDI Denial in Parkersburg

If an applicant’s condition becomes more severe over time, he or she may gather more medical records to prove their disability to the Social Security Administration and establish that they have more limitations because their symptoms have worsened since being denied. One of the steadfast lawyers at Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, can assist you with updating your disability records after receiving an SSDI denial letter from the SSA.

Responding to an SSDI Denial

Applicants may file an appeal online or with a Parkersburg attorney. A member of our legal team can file an appeal online on a disabled worker’s behalf. The time it takes to complete an online appeal will depend on how many updates someone has.

Applicant’s will to need to provide the SSA with updated medical information that includes:

  • New diagnoses
  • New treatment
  • Worsening symptoms or limitations
  • New testing
  • Changes in work activity
  • Changes in the ability to perform daily activities

How Long Does an Applicant Have to Appeal an SSDI Denial?

When a claim for SSDI is denied, the claimant has 60 days from the date of the denial to file an appeal. Sometimes, the SSA will accept a late appeal if it finds there is a good reason for missing the 60-day deadline, such as a failure to understand the time constraint or how to file an appeal. Other times, claimants miss that deadline because they are hospitalized at the time that their appeal is due.

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Many claimants get discouraged and want to give up when they receive SSDI denial letters from the SSA. Our Parkersburg SSDI denial lawyers understand that you are already fighting so many battles and may not have it in you to fight another one. As attorneys, we are here to not just fight with you, but also fight for you to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities for benefits. Call our firm today to keep your disability claim moving forward.

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