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If you maintained regular employment for a portion of your life but a medical condition now prevents you from working, you may be entitled to monetary benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. A seasoned Social Security lawyer at Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, can help you determine your eligibility for SSDI and pursue the benefits to which you are entitled.

While these benefits can make an enormous difference in your life, succeeding with your claim may be challenging, as the SSA denies most initial applications. A Parkersburg SSDI lawyer can help address any deficiencies that might exist in your claim.

Disabilities that Qualify for SSDI in Parkersburg

Millions of disabled Americans receive SSDI benefits each year. The conditions that qualify as disabilities include both mental and physical impairments.

Mental disorders make up a substantial percentage of SSDI claims. Examples include mood disorders like depression and anxiety that make it difficult to interact with other people. Psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia may also qualify for SSDI. Other qualifying mental impairments include post-traumatic stress disorder and autism.

Some disabilities relate directly to the musculoskeletal system. For example, chronic back pain or arthritis can make it difficult to complete a variety of job tasks. The pain that results from fibromyalgia could also make it difficult to maintain employment.

Other disabilities affect the circulatory system. For instance, congenital heart defects or coronary artery disease could significantly limit a worker’s abilities. Angina or hypertension may also form the basis of a successful SSDI claim.

Never assume that your condition does not qualify for SSDI benefits. If you have eligibility questions regarding SSDI, talk to a local attorney from our firm right away.

Common Factors in SSDI Denials

There are many things that can cause an SSDI claim to be denied, but that does not mean there is no possibility of a reversal. In many cases, providing additional documentation could be enough to succeed on a denied claim.

One of the most common reasons for a denial is a lack of medical evidence, which means the records provided do not establish a disability that prevents a person from working.

In other cases, the SSA will allege that the claimant failed to follow prescribed medical treatment. If an individual does not pursue the treatment recommended by his or her doctors, the claim may be denied.

Some denial letters claim a lack of cooperation. When the Social Security Administration requests additional documents and the claimant does not comply, it can be grounds for a denial.

Regardless of the reason for a denial, there is a chance to have the SSDI claim reconsidered. A Parkersburg attorney could improve their client’s chances of succeeding on an SSDI claim even after the initial denial.

Reach out to a Parkersburg SSDI Attorney Immediately

It is often necessary to address the issues that resulted in an initial SSDI denial. With an experienced attorney guiding you, you can maximize your chances of successfully obtaining disability benefits. Let a Parkersburg SSDI lawyer from our team help you prepare an application or file an appeal on your behalf. Get in touch with our firm for an initial consultation.

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