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Commercial vehicles pose many dangers to other drivers on Huntington’s roads. Tractor-trailers, construction vehicles, and delivery trucks are subject to the same traffic laws as all other drivers to prevent foreseeable harm from befalling other motorists, in addition to special rules that apply specifically to commercial drivers.

Even so, it is an injured person’s responsibility to prove a trucker’s fault for an otherwise avoidable accident as well as how that collision has affected his or her life. A Huntington truck accident lawyer can help you pursue your case against negligent truckers, their employers, and their insurance companies. Let our team of diligent personal injury attorneys help you demand fair compensation for your losses so you can focus on getting your life back on track.

Safe Operation of Commercial Trucks

All drivers in Huntington, regardless of their mode of transportation, must follow common traffic laws. These include speed limits, stop signs, red lights, and knowing when to yield. A truck driver’s failure to follow any of these rules that results in a crash could create civil liability for him or her, as well as his or her employer.

In addition, other rules apply to truckers that do not apply to other motorists. The most relevant of these is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which governs maximum drive times for commercial truck drivers nationwide.

In short, a trucker can only travel for a total of 60 hours in any seven-day period. Breaches of this rule are just as serious as other traffic violations and may indicate fault on the part of the trucking company (for requiring their drivers to work longer hours). A Huntington attorney can work to determine the cause of a trucking collision and effectively prove the liability of all negligent parties.

Seeking Compensation from All Liable Parties

The goal of any truck accident claim is to bring injured people the compensation they need to recover their losses. A key component of this process is determining which parties share liability for the crash. It is often the case that a trucker’s employer shared liability for a commercial vehicle collision.

According to a legal concept known as respondeat superior, an employer is liable for the actions of their workers while on the clock. If a collision happened while a trucker was working for his or her employer, that employer might be responsible for providing payment to injured individuals.

It is vital to connect all liable parties to a commercial truck crash as quickly as possible. According to West Virginia Code §55-2-12, people who suffer injuries in trucking collisions have only two years from the date of the incident to file a civil lawsuit. Our lawyers can help to pursue trach crash cases against all possible defendants within the relevant time limits.

Let a Huntington Truck Accident Attorney Protect Your Legal Rights

All drivers on Huntington’s roads have a duty to protect other motorists from foreseeable harm, and truckers are no exception. If a commercial vehicle driver is responsible for a crash due to inattentiveness or a violation of traffic law, he or she may be liable to provide compensation for your losses. In some situations, his or her employer may also share blame for a trucking collision.

Our Huntington truck accident lawyers are ready to fight for you. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do in your case.

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