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Even at low speeds, auto collisions have the potential to inflict severe physical injuries, jeopardize your ability to earn a living, and lower your quality of life.

While drivers who are at fault for avoidable accidents must provide compensation to all affected parties, the burden falls on an injured person to prove this fault as well as demonstrate how the car crash has impacted his or her life.

Our Huntington car accident lawyers can help you prove both elements. Working by your side, a personal injury attorney can take all necessary steps to protect your legal rights after an auto accident and seek the compensation you deserve.

Demonstrating Fault after a Motor Vehicle Accident

The law in Huntington assumes that every collision involving a motor vehicle is someone’s fault. An injured person’s first priority after receiving appropriate medical care should be to gather evidence to help prove that another driver was responsible for the car accident.

According to West Virginia Code §55-7-13A, local courts will use the concept of modified comparative negligence to attribute fault for an auto accident. This means that a judge must consider the actions of all parties and assign blame accordingly. It also means that the court will reduce an injured person’s award by his or her assigned percentage of blame.

If a claimant’s percentage of liability exceeds 50 percent, the court will dismiss the case entirely. It is therefore crucial to let a Huntington lawyer help prove that another driver was solely to blame for a car crash.

Helping Car Crash Victims in Huntington Recover Damages

The goal of a local lawyer is to protect a person’s legal rights while he or she recovers from their accident-related injuries. Unfortunately, insurance companies often ask injured parties for an official statement to attempt to limit their own liability. This can lead many people to feel pressured or frustrated and can ultimately lead to an inadequate compensatory award.

In addition to gathering medical information and evidence from the crash scene, our attorneys can also deal with insurance agents on a crash victim’s behalf to protect his or her right to compensation. If a local car crash case goes to trial, our team can explain the rules of the court and effectively represent an injured person’s interests.

Furthermore, WV Code §55-2-12 says that a person has only two years from the date of a car accident to initiate civil litigation. Hiring an attorney as quickly as possible gives auto collision victims the best chances of success.

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Car accidents can be devastating and have the potential to change every part of your life. If another driver caused your injuries, he or she has the obligation to provide fair compensation to cover your accident-related losses. Still, proving another party’s fault can be difficult without qualified legal counsel.

Let a Huntington car accident lawyer at our firm take the lead in protecting your right to compensation. This can include gathering evidence concerning the crash, evaluating how the collision has affected your life, and demanding fair payments in and out of court. Call Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, today to learn more.

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