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The decision to trust a nursing home with the care of your elderly loved one is a difficult one to make. Sadly, abuse against residents is a common occurrence in many assisted living facilities.

If you suspect that the facility may be mistreating your family member, you should discuss your legal options with a Parkersburg nursing home abuse lawyer. Our firm’s personal injury attorneys are experienced in investigating elder abuse and pursuing claims in court to secure safe living conditions and fair compensation for elderly residents and their families.

Common Types of Elder Abuse in Parkersburg

There are many different kinds of elder abuse, including emotional, psychological, sexual, physical, and financial exploitation. Residents may be more susceptible to maltreatment and neglect because of dementia or other physical and mental disabilities. If abuse is suspected, a nursing home abuse lawyer from our team can help protect the safety and well-being of the elderly resident.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Certain physical and emotional signs may be indicative of elder abuse taking place in an assisted living facility. Some of these include:

  • Poor hygiene;
  • Unsanitary rooms, bedding, bathrooms, or living areas;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Skin lesions;
  • Unexplained injuries;
  • Sudden loss of mobility;
  • Depression, mood swings, or other unusual psychological issues; and
  • Fear of caregivers.

Incidents of abuse and neglect often go unreported because the resident fears retaliation or their family members are unaware of these warning signs. However, state law protects anyone who files a report in good faith of nursing home abuse from criminal or civil liability, and a facility cannot discharge a resident for disclosing maltreatment. A Parkersburg attorney familiar with nursing home abuse can explain the reporting process and the law’s safeguards for the reporting party.

Reporting the Mistreatment of Residents

Local nursing home abuse claims are managed by the state’s Adult Protective Services (APS) unit. If abuse, including financial exploitation, is suspected and reported to APS, they will investigate the claim. During the investigation, APS may contact law enforcement, medical personnel, or the nursing home’s administrator.

The APS investigation cannot be refused by any party. However, the resident and their family may decline any services offered by APS or the facility and contact their own attorney to protect their legal rights. The team at Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, can guide you and your family through the reporting process and ensure the appropriate investigation takes place.

Available Damages for Nursing Home Abuse in Parkersburg

Elder abuse victims and their families could recover damages for the following:

  • Medical expenses necessitated by the abuse, including doctor’s appointments, hospitalizations, medications, and physical or emotional therapy;
  • Transportation costs for medical appointments and procedures;
  • Pain and suffering if the abuse affected the resident’s quality of life; and
  • Punitive damages for deliberate or malicious abuse of a resident.

One of our attorneys can assess the potential damages and the likelihood of financial recovery in your nursing home abuse case.

Consult a Parkersburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home abuse is a real and troubling problem in our area.

A Parkersburg nursing home abuse lawyer may be your best ally in the fight against the mistreatment of a loved one, using state laws to protect your family member and seek financial compensation. Call our compassionate legal team today for a free consultation.

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