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A trucking collision is different from other motor vehicle accidents. The size of most tractor-trailers combined with heavy cargo loads they typically carry can increase the risk of injury on the road if the truck driver is negligent or reckless, or if the truck is not properly maintained.

The specific laws relating to trucks and their drivers can complicate a commercial vehicle collision investigation. Fortunately, our Parkersburg truck accident lawyers are familiar with trucking requirements and can help you pursue a personal injury claim against the driver and even the trucking company if applicable.

Common Types of Truck Crashes in Parkersburg

Because trucks carry loads of varying weight and size, and drivers are often under time constraints to pick-up and deliver cargo, there is often an increased risk of accidents. Some common truck accidents in our area include:

  • Single vehicle accidents caused by road hazards, driver error, or mechanical defects;
  • Rollover accidents caused by speeding;
  • Head-on collisions caused by driver fatigue;
  • Rear-end crashes caused by distracted driving;
  • Underride accidents (i.e. when a smaller vehicle ends up underneath the trailer of a commercial truck);
  • Lost load accidents when the cargo is not adequately secured to the truck; and
  • Jackknife collisions when the driver brakes too hard and stops the cab, but the trailer continues moving around the truck and into other traffic lanes.

Both federal and state law mandate that commercial vehicles have specific equipment to prevent accidents, such as underride guards. Truck drivers are also required to limit the number of hours they drive and to take rest breaks. When investigating a trucking collision, our lawyers can help identify the type of accident and the cause, including whether driver or truck safety provisions were breached.

Evidence in a Commercial Vehicle Accident Claim

To support your claim for damages, a Parkersburg lawyer on our team can look for evidence relating to the driver, the truck, and the cargo. Evidence of truck driver negligence may include examining past work history, driving certifications, drug and alcohol screenings, and the number of hours driven prior to the accident.

Maintenance and inspection records, onboard safety programs, hourly driving logs, and GPS tracking devices can all be used to determine whether the truck’s condition caused or contributed to the collision. If so, we can help you obtain compensation from the company responsible for maintaining the commercial vehicle in your case.

Evidence of the cargo load’s weight and size can indicate whether it was appropriate for the truck and trailer as well as whether it was properly secured at the time of the collision. This would create civil liability for the trucking company for its failure to maintain safety standards.

If proper steps are not taken immediately after an accident, the driver and the trucking company might not be required to preserve these records. A Parkersburg lawyer can take the necessary steps to protect the evidence and compel the driver, company, or insurance carrier to release this information to you to support your truck accident claim.

Call a Parkersburg Truck Accident Attorney

Thousands of trucks travel on West Virginia’s roadways every day, and unfortunately, some of them will cause preventable accidents. To prove a claim for damages after a truck accident, you must show that driver negligence, trucking company carelessness, or a mechanical failure caused your injuries.

A Parkersburg truck accident lawyer at our firm can identify the cause of your collision, identify the responsible parties, and present a comprehensive claim for compensation on your behalf. Contact Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, today to discuss your legal options.

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