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Residents of Huntington that are either disabled or blind could be entitled to monthly monetary benefits through a program known as Supplemental Security Income. Commonly known as SSI, this program is operated by the Social Security Administration.

There are strict requirements that apply to SSI eligibility (and it should not be confused with SSDI). If you believe you are entitled to benefits, a social Security attorney can help you pursue your claim. Putting your case in the hands of a Huntington SSI lawyer can help you secure the benefits you need.

What Factors Impact SSI Benefits?

Even if a person qualifies for SSI benefits, they might not receive the maximum allowed under the law. The amount of benefits paid each month to qualified applicants depends on various factors. An SSI attorney in Huntington, WV can advise on those factors in any given case.

Other Forms of Income

The primary factor that limits SSI benefits involves other forms of income. While earning other income does not automatically disqualify a person from receiving benefits, the income could diminish what he or she receives through SSI each month. This goes beyond earned wages and includes stock dividends, royalties, or even in-kind support like living rent-free in someone’s home.

Not all income impacts the amount of benefits paid through SSI. Certain income is exempt from any calculations that would lower monthly SSI benefits. These include the first $20 an applicant earns each month and any refunds from their income tax payments.


In addition to income, an applicant’s assets can also diminish his or her benefits. In most cases, a person cannot own more than $2,000 in assets while still receiving SSI benefits. However, there are some exemptions.

One of the most prominent exemptions for assets when it comes to SSI benefits involves life insurance policies for limited dollar amounts. There are also exemptions for burial plots for the applicant and his or her spouse.

Can Children Qualify for SSI Benefits in Huntington, WV?

Benefits are available for families with disabled children. These benefits can be life-changing, as they help cover the high cost of raising a child with special needs. In addition to food, clothing, and shelter, these benefits provide special education or equipment required due to a disability.

Any child that qualifies for SSI is also entitled to Medicaid benefits. While Medicaid will cover most of their medical needs, SSI is vital for expenses not covered by that program. This could include any modifications to a home or vehicle to make it accessible for the child.

There are unique challenges that can come with pursuing an SSI claim for a disabled child. Denials are not uncommon in these cases, but there are options for securing benefits through an appeal. This process can be complex, making it necessary for a family to work with a Huntington SSI attorney.

Contact a Huntington SSI Attorney Today

The unfortunate reality for many families is that their initial SSI claim will be denied. While this can be disappointing, it does not mean SSI benefits are no longer available.

A Huntington SSI lawyer can assist with appealing a denial and guiding your claim through the system. Call today to learn more and discuss your situation.

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