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In the United States, disabled workers and their families may collect vital monthly benefits through a federal program known as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This program can be critical to families in need. Sadly, benefit claims are often denied.

Due to the high likelihood of denial, it is best to speak with a trusted Social Security attorney before you apply. There are specific steps you can take to avoid denial or better navigate the process for appealing denied claims. Let a Huntington, WV SSDI lawyer assist you with any of these matters.

Requirements for Collecting SSDI Benefits

Payroll taxes cover SSDI benefits. This program is designed to protect workers who have paid taxes over the years when they can no longer work. For that reason, strict work requirements must be met before an applicant is eligible for benefits. A Huntington, WV SSDI attorney can help navigate this requirement during the application process.

Work Credits

The work requirement that applies to SSDI benefits mandates a certain amount of work that must have occurred recently. The program uses something known as “work credits” to calculate a person’s eligibility. In general, a person working full-time will earn four work credits per year.

To qualify for full SSDI benefits, a worker must have earned a total of 40 work credits. Additionally, 20 credits must have been earned in the previous ten years. There are some circumstances where individuals with fewer credits could still earn benefits.

The type of work a person in Huntington does can impact how he or she earns credits. While there is no difference between self-employed workers and those hired by someone else, some jobs could lead to different work credit calculations. This is true for farm work, domestic work, or military veterans.

Disabling Conditions and SSDI in Huntington

SSDI benefits are reserved for severe disabilities that interfere with a person’s ability to earn a living. They are for long-term or permanent disabilities, meaning that anyone with a short-term condition will not qualify. An experienced SSDI attorney at our firm in Huntington can provide further insight into what qualifies as a disability.

Factors for Social Security Disability Income

There are several factors that people must meet to be considered disabled. They must be unable to engage in “substantial gainful activity” due to their conditions. While this does not mean they cannot work at all, their ability to earn a living must be severely limited.

The condition must also prevent them from doing any type of work. It is not enough that they can no longer participate in their prior employment. Their condition must also prevent them from switching to a less physically demanding position.

Finally, these conditions must be long-term. That means they are either expected to last at least a year or prove fatal.

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Dealing with a disability is never easy, especially if you are the primary wage earner for your family. If you have a track record of employment, SSDI benefits might be the key to protecting your financial future.

A Huntington SSDI lawyer can answer your questions about securing these benefits. Call our firm today to learn more.

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