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The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees several benefit programs for individuals with disabilities and/or extremely low income. If your monthly household income does not allow you to support yourself and your family, applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may be in your best interests.

However, filing a successful SSI application can be difficult for many, making the assistance of a qualified Social Security attorney extremely valuable. By retaining a Charlotte SSI lawyer, you can put yourself in the best position to obtain the benefits you’re entitled to.

Who Qualifies for SSI Benefits?

Anyone who is of full retirement age, has a qualifying disability, and/or suffers from blindness may be eligible to receive SSI. However, an applicant must prove that he or she does not exceed the income and asset limitations set by the SSA for SSI benefits. Specifically, SSI recipients must fall below the SSA’s income threshold and can have no more than $2,000 in sellable assets – or $3,000 in jointly owned assets for married couples.

It is important to note that not all forms of income are counted against these limitations. For instance, the SSA does not count the first $65 earned from employment or half of all work income earned after $65 against someone’s SSI eligibility, and assets like homes, personal vehicles, and life insurance policies with less than $1,500 of face value are also excluded from SSI calculations. An experienced attorney in Charlotte can provide further clarification about how SSI works and help determine whether an individual applicant is eligible for benefits.

How Can Someone Apply for SSI?

Interested individuals can begin the SSI application process online through the SSA’s website or schedule an appointment with an SSA representative over the phone. Before beginning this process, applicants should be ready with their Social Security card, mortgage or lease documents, proof of birthdate, proof of U.S. citizenship or status as an eligible noncitizen, and various documents demonstrating their financial status like bank records and pay slips, as well as medical documentation of a disability if applicable.

While qualified legal counsel can significantly increase an applicant’s chances of success, the SSA commonly rejects initial SSI applications. If the SSA issues a denial, a dedicated lawyer in Charlotte can guide an applicant through the SSI appeals process, from reconsideration all the way to federal court if necessary. Our legal team will do everything in its power to see your case through to success, regardless of one or more denials.

Speak with a Charlotte SSI Attorney at Our Firm

SSI benefits can serve as a crucial source of income for individuals without many assets or other means to bring in money. In fact, thousands of North Carolina residents depend on these monthly benefits to make ends meet. However, successfully applying for and receiving SSI coverage by yourself can be a tall order, especially if you have never dealt with the Social Security Administration before or are struggling with a disability.

Representation from a compassionate Charlotte SSI lawyer can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your application. To find out how our team can help in your situation, call Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, today.

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