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If you have an injury or illness that prevents you from holding gainful employment, you may be able to seek financial assistance from the Social Security Administration (SSA) through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). However, you will need to provide extensive evidence of both your disability and your previous work history to prove that you qualify for these benefits, and leaving out even one key piece of information could lead to a denial.

Getting the benefits you need as efficiently as possible could be much easier with help from a Charlotte SSDI lawyer. Once retained, your seasoned Social Security attorney can help collect important documentation, compile it into a cohesive and detailed application, and guide you through the SSA’s appeals process if necessary.

Qualifying Criteria for SSDI Benefits

There are two main criteria that the SSA looks at when determining whether someone is eligible to receive SSDI benefits. First, an applicant must be “disabled” according to the SSA’s definition of disability, meaning his or her disability must:

  • Prevent him or her from performing work they used to be able to perform
  • Prevent him or her from adapting to another form of employment
  • Be expected to last for at least 12 months or be terminal in nature

Second, an applicant must have earned a sufficient number of “work credits” over the course of their career to qualify for SSDI. Paying Social Security income taxes will earn someone work credits, up to a maximum of four credits per calendar year, which will then be counted toward his or her SSDI eligibility.

Applicants generally must accrue 40 credits in total and 20 credits within the 10 years prior to becoming disabled to qualify for SSDI. However, workers who become disabled at a young age may not need to have as many work credits to receive SSDI benefits. A Charlotte attorney can help SSDI applicants understand the exact criteria that may apply to them and build a comprehensive claim on their behalf.

How Can a Charlotte Lawyer Help if an SSDI Claim is Denied?

Even if someone has a qualifying disability and meets the work credit requirements for SSDI, providing enough evidence to the SSA to actually receive benefits can be challenging. In the event that an SSDI claim is denied, a local lawyer can help identify and address the reasons given for the rejection. Furthermore, the SSA’s system for appealing SSDI claims has multiple stages and can be very difficult to navigate without legal counsel. Our team can help find and correct small errors in an existing application, advocate on an applicant’s behalf throughout every step of the appeals process, and represent his or her interests during Administrative hearings and federal court rulings.

Speak with a Charlotte SSDI Attorney Today

While Social Security Disability Insurance can serve as a critical resource for disabled individuals who can no longer work to support themselves, that unfortunately does not mean it is easy to obtain these benefits. The Social Security Administration enforces strict restrictions on who is eligible for SSDI, and they are quick to reject applications with even minor errors.

If you believe you qualify for SSDI benefits but are unsure about how to approach the process of applying for them, contact a Charlotte SSDI lawyer for custom-tailored guidance and support. Call our firm today to set up an initial meeting.

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