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Motorcycling is a popular mode of transportation and pastime in Charleston. However, other drivers and uncontrollable road conditions can pose a significant risk of personal injury to even the safest riders. If you sustained serious harm while biking, a Charleston motorcycle accident lawyer could help you determine the next best step and support you in any legal actions.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycling accidents occur due to various factors, many of which stem from driver negligence. This can lead to particularly catastrophic collisions when the operators of large trucks or buses act carelessly behind the wheel. Drivers have a duty to watch for and accommodate motorcyclists to prevent devastating traffic crashes and severe injuries.

Aside from driver error, the following common causes contribute to many motorcycle collisions in Charleston:

  • Faulty vehicle components or other equipment
  • Defective tires or other bike parts
  • Poorly designed safety equipment, such as helmets
  • Improper road maintenance
  • Faulty design of streets, bridges, or other public byways

Injuries in Charleston Motorcycling Accidents

Given that riders have little protection between themselves, the surface of the road, and other vehicles, crashes involving motorcycles often cause catastrophic or even fatal injuries. Survivors may suffer from the following severe conditions:

  • Broken bones
  • Neck and spinal cord damage
  • Head and traumatic brain injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis

Because the damage of these incidents can be so severe, injured motorcyclists may be left with significant medical and rehabilitative costs. A seasoned attorney in the area could provide critical assistance on behalf of motorcycle accident victims in seeking fair compensation from the parties responsible.

Reasons to Consider Filing a Claim for Motorcycle Crashes

Many people injured in motorcycle collisions have difficulty regaining their pre-accident lives. Seemingly endless medical expenses, massive ongoing therapy and rehabilitation bills, permanently lost or reduced income, and other costs pose huge financial burdens that most people are unprepared to meet. A civil claim could be crucial in obtaining the compensation a motorcycle crash victim needs to recover from their losses.

However, according to W. Va. Code §55-2-12(b), an injured person must bring a claim within two years of their biking accident or risk losing their right to pursue compensation. Because of this deadline, it is recommended that an injured Charleston biker consult a skilled lawyer as soon as possible after their traffic crash. Motorcycle accident attorneys are equipped to conduct comprehensive reviews of each case and provide valuable legal advice to victims and their families.

Seek Guidance from a Charleston Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcyclists are entitled to the same respect and care as other motorists. Unfortunately, they often bear the brunt of the damage when negligent drivers cause collisions on the road. Recovering from serious physical trauma is difficult enough, but the added financial burdens and stress of dealing with insurance companies can be debilitating.

If you or a loved one was harmed in a motorcycling crash, let an experienced legal team support you and work to recover damages on your behalf. Call a Charleston motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for your fair compensation.

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