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Social Security Disability Insurance—frequently shortened to SSDI—offers disabled workers financial compensation when they cannot maintain their employment. When an injury or illness prevents you from working, SSDI benefits could fill the gaps.

Some requirements must be met to receive SSDI benefits, and a seasoned attorney could advise on your eligibility. Before you file your application, meet with a Beckley SSDI lawyer to improve your chances of success.

Understanding SSDI Eligibility

The Social Security system that provides benefits for workers and retirees throughout the country would not be possible without workers’ contributions through payroll taxes. When these workers suffer a disabling condition, they could have access to benefits based on those contributions. This is true for employers as well as individuals paying through self-employment taxes.

Work Requirements

Because these benefits are tied to payroll taxes, the law requires that an applicant have a minimum work history to qualify. To earn the work credits necessary to meet the government’s requirements, most people have to work full time for the ten years prior to their application. This work history must also be recent for benefits to be an option.

Qualifying Disabilities for SSDI

Work requirements are only part of the story. A Beckley SSDI attorney can also advise an applicant if they have a qualifying disability recognized by the Social Security Administration. This disability must have a formal diagnosis from a medical professional, and it must prevent the applicant from maintaining their employment. These disabilities could be injuries or illnesses.

SSDI benefits are not designed for a short-term loss of employment. A qualifying disability must either result in missing work long-term or ultimately in the applicant’s death. Benefits are not available if it appears the disability will last for less than a calendar year.

What Happens When an SSDI Claim is Denied?

The reality for many applicants living in Beckley is that SSDI claims are frequently denied. This is especially true for a person’s initial claim for benefits. Thankfully, a Beckley SSDI attorney could help navigate the process of pursuing an appeal.

Reasons for Social Security Administration Denials

There are numerous reasons why a denial might happen. In many cases, the Social Security Administration might determine that there is insufficient evidence of a recognized disability. Alternatively, they might find that the applicant does not have a qualifying work history.

Other factors could play into a denial as well. In some cases, a claim is denied accidentally. In others, a lack of available evidence might be to blame. A local attorney could carefully review the grounds for denial and work to provide the missing information needed to complete the SSDI claim.

The prospect of having a claim denied can be overwhelming. However, it is essential to remember that an initial denial is not uncommon. With help from the right attorney, the appeals process can secure the benefits an applicant needs.

Talk to a Beckley SSDI Attorney

If you live with a disability that prevents you from working, SSDI benefits could be a life-changing resource. However, not everyone will qualify, making it important to discuss your potential claim with a seasoned attorney.

A Beckley SSDI lawyer can advise you on your eligibility while assisting you with the application process. Call today to learn more.

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