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Serious injuries or illnesses can occur when you least expect them. When these conditions make it impossible to earn a living, a government program known as Supplemental Security Income could help. SSI benefits could provide you with income when you can no longer work.

SSI benefits are not always awarded, and many applications for SSI benefits are denied. This is especially common among applicants who do not seek the guidance of a seasoned benefits attorney. Before you apply, consider discussing your options with a Beckley SSI lawyer.

Understanding SSI

SSI, a program operated by the Social Security Administration, offers monthly monetary benefits to adults who are either disabled or blind. There are also benefits available for minors under certain circumstances. Eligibility for these benefits is tied to strict income requirements.

The benefits available through SSI are designed to replace the applicant’s income. These benefits are calculated monthly, and the maximum benefits change each year. Some factors could reduce the amount of benefits owed. For example, in-kind support from loved ones could reduce the available benefits. A Beckley attorney can provide further insight into how SSI benefits work.

Eligibility for SSI Benefits in Beckley

Every applicant must meet strict eligibility requirements before they receive SSI benefits. Adults seeking benefits through SSI must either be blind or live with a disability recognized by the Social Security Administration. A local SSI attorney can advise an applicant on whether he or she meets the qualifications for benefits.

Financial Limitations on SSI Eligibility

There are also strict financial limits on who is eligible for these benefits. SSI benefits are paid from general tax revenues. The Social Security Administration considers most of an applicant’s income and assets when deciding whether to award SSI benefits. This includes a person’s income, other assets, and any in-kind contributions from friends or family. For example, simply having a place to stay rent-free could be considered an asset.

Some forms of income and assets are exempt from this calculation. The first $20 of income a person earns each month does not count, and other forms of income are also excluded. For example, income tax refunds do not qualify as income.

Citizenship and SSI Eligibility

There are also limits on SSI eligibility based on citizenship and immigration status. Citizens of the United States always have the option to pursue benefits through SSI. However, certain noncitizens and lawful permanent residents can also seek benefits. These individuals must not have any absences from the county for more than a month before filing.

It is important to remember that citizenship or qualified alien status is only one aspect of SSI eligibility. Even if an applicant meets this requirement, they must meet all of the other conditions before they receive benefits. It is best to consult with a knowledgeable SSI lawyer in Beckley before starting the application process.

Reach Out to a Beckley SSI Attorney Today

If you believe you qualify for SSI benefits, it is helpful to speak with legal counsel before applying. These applications are often denied, especially if you lack the guidance of legal counsel.

A Beckley SSI lawyer can guide you through the application process. Call today to learn more and get the help you need.

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