Wrongful Death

West Virginia Wrongful Death Lawyers

When a person is killed in an accident that another person caused, the pain of the unexpected loss is almost unimaginable. Losing loved ones in accidents may be among the hardest experiences your family may every face.


At Jan Dils Attorneys at Law West Virginia Wrongful Death Lawyers, we understand just how difficult it can be for the family members left behind. Highly compassionate and knowledgeable, we can explain exactly what your family’s rights may be in a wrongful death lawsuit. While money will never replace a lost loved one, it can help your family by covering the economic and noneconomic losses they have suffered.

Potential damages in a wrongful death lawsuit and who may recover

In wrongful death matters, the person’s immediate family members will typically have priority in filed claims. Immediate family members may include the spouse, children, parents or grandchildren of the person who has passed away.


If the person who died left no immediate family members, the person’s siblings or the representative of his or her estate may step into the role as plaintiffs in order to bring a claim against the at-fault person.


The surviving family members of a person who is killed by another person’s negligent actions may include the following:


  • Reasonable funeral expenses and burial costs
  • All medical expenses incurred by treating the deceased person because of their final injuries prior to his or her death
  • The lost income the deceased person would have been able to provide if they had lived
  • Lost inheritance rights
  • Pain and suffering
  • Sorrow and mental anguish suffered because of the death
  • Loss of companionship or guidance
  • Property losses

It is important for the families of those who have been killed to seek legal help early in the process. There is a two-year statute of limitations for filing wrongful death claims. If you do not file claims within the appropriate time limit, you may be permanently barred from ever doing so and thus unable to recover what you otherwise could.



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