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A dangerous drug could cause serious illnesses to you and anyone else who takes it. When medication intended to improve your life instead causes you harm, pain, and financial losses, massive pharmaceutical companies or drug manufacturers may be responsible for those damages.

A drug company’s negligence may lead to the production and sale of an unsafe product, causing permanent and significant harm to patients such as yourself. With the assistance of a West Virginia dangerous drug lawyer, you can pursue financial compensation from a negligent pharmaceutical company or manufacturer in a personal injury lawsuit.

Side Effects of Dangerous Drugs

Most medications have known side effects which are supposed to be listed for the consumer’s knowledge. Specifically, a label that warns of potential side effects and contraindication allows doctors to explain the risks and benefits of the medication to help consumers make informed decisions about whether to take a particular medicine.

A pharmaceutical company or drug manufacturer that does not disclose a medication’s side effects, or the severity thereof, through the use of a clear and obvious warning label could be found civilly liable for a consumer’s subsequent losses. Severe side effects that could result from a hazardous drug include, but are not limited to:

  • Dizziness or loss of vision
  • Extreme weight gain or loss
  • Depression and suicidal ideations
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Blood clotting issues and uncontrollable bleeding
  • Organ or tissue damage
  • Cancer
  • Death

These side effects can greatly harm your life and could therefore make you eligible for significant compensation through a dangerous drugs lawsuit. It is advisable to consult with a local lawyer about whether your circumstances would qualify for civil litigation in West Virginia.

How a Drug Company May be Negligent

Drug manufacturers have a legal duty to put safe medications onto the marketplace that generally act as expected. Pharmaceutical drugs are generally expected to have undergone significant research, testing, and clinical trials before being put onto the market for purchase. When drug companies take shortcuts or deliberately hide information in order to increase sales, they may be liable for the injuries or illnesses they cause as a result.

A drug manufacturer could be negligent in many different ways, including:

  • Falsifying clinical study data
  • Using an inherently flawed design despite a predictably harmful outcome
  • Unsafe or defective manufacturing processes
  • Intentional misrepresentations about medication efficacy or results
  • Failing to warn consumers of known side effects

These actions and many others may be considered negligence in a defective drugs claim.

Filing a Dangerous Drug Claim before the Statutory Deadline

West Virginia Code §55-2-12 sets a two-year deadline for defective product claims involving dangerous drugs. This time limit requires you to file a claim within two years of discovering the effects of a hazardous drug, or of discovering a link between severe your side-effects and a drug company’s negligence. To avoid this potential issue, you should seek counsel from a skilled West Virginia attorney as soon as possible after realizing you may have consumed a dangerous drug.

Allow a Dangerous Drug Attorney in West Virginia to Handle Your Claim

Dangerous drug claims involve complex methods of proof, expert testimony, medical evidence, and much more. The complicated nature of hazardous medication claims often necessitates the guidance of a qualified attorney who can help ensure that your claim is handled appropriately. To seek compensation in your case, contact an experienced West Virginia dangerous drug lawyer today.

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