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Social Security Disability Insurance—or SSDI—is a program that provides monetary benefits to disabled individuals who are no longer able to work. There are strict eligibility requirements to be aware of, and the failure to comply can result in having your claim rejected.

The good news is that a dedicated Social Security Disability attorney can help. You can appeal the denial and potentially get the Social Security Administration (SSA) to reconsider your application. A Nationwide SSDI denial lawyer could give you the best chance of obtaining the benefits you deserve.

Reasons SSDI Disability Claims are Denied

There are many reasons the SSA might deny a disability benefit application. While some are the result of mistakes made by the applicant, others may be unreasonable rejections that should never have occurred – either due to a mistake or a misunderstanding of the rules from the reviewer. A Social Security Disability denial attorney could help an applicant nationwide in any of the following situations.

Lack of Medical Evidence

It is up to the applicant to provide enough evidence to show they meet the criteria for disabling conditions. In many cases, the information provided is not enough. This problem can be resolved by submitting medical records to the Social Security Administration in some instances, while in others, the records themselves may be deficient. Remember: the federal government needs more than proof that a person is living with a condition. They also need evidence that his or her disability prevents them from working and achieving substantial gainful activity.

Lacking Employment History

A potential issue in SSDI claims is an applicant’s work history. A person must have paid into payroll taxes over the previous 10 years to a degree that qualifies him or her for benefits. This is measured through something known as work credits. If a person lacks the necessary credits, he or she can expect a denial.

Of course, the Social Security Administration is not above making mistakes either. It may be possible to prove that a miscalculation of work credits led to an improper denial of a Social Security Disability application.

Multiple Disability Claims

The process for applying for SSDI benefits can be confusing, especially for anyone unfamiliar with the system. Some people who file their own claim are unaware of the appeals process, which can lead them to immediately file a second application. The government will issue a denial in these cases since the appellate procedure has not yet been exhausted. A lawyer could help an applicant when he or she is denied their first SSDI claim.

How to Appeal a Denial

Not only is there the opportunity to appeal these denials but there is a four-tiered appeals system that may give a person multiple chances to get the outcome he or she deserves. This process begins with a request for reconsideration, which involves asking a different decision-maker within the SSA to review the decision. This must occur within 60 days of receiving an SSDI application denial letter.

If that person agrees with the original outcome, the next step is a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. This is where many appeals are ultimately successful, although it will usually take up to a year or more after filing a request. At this hearing, an attorney can present additional evidence to sway the judge.

There is also something known as the Appeals Council. While this is the highest level of review within the SSA, the council can pick and choose which cases they hear. The final option is to file a lawsuit in federal court and have a judge review the case – a step which will absolutely require help from a well-prepared SSDI denial lawyer.

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If you have received a rejection letter for your SSDI claim, you are not out of options. The right attorney can help you navigate the appellate process and secure the benefits you deserve.

Our nationwide SSDI denial lawyers help you resolve any issues that might impact your chance at acceptance. Call today for a free consultation or take our SSDI eligibility quiz to learn more.

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