Six Steps to Apply for Disability Benefits in WV

The federally governed Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program provides financial assistance to individuals with a variety of disabilities. The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees this benefit program and determines which applicants meet the criteria to qualify for monthly payments.

Here are the initial 6 steps to file for SSDI:

  1. The SSA offers an Adult Disability Starter Kit that contains:
    • A fact sheet to explain the definition of a disability and answer preliminary questions you may have,
    • A checklist of information and documents you will need for your disability interview or if you complete the Disability Report, and
    • A worksheet that will assist in preparing for your disability interview.
  2. As soon as you realize you have suffered an injury or illness that has caused a disability, you need to start the application process. While your disability benefits can’t start until you have been disabled for a full six months, you need to have ample time to prepare your application. In addition, your disability must be expected to last one year or more or result in death.
  3. Your local Social Security office will usually schedule appointments for claim filing. You can file for benefits either in person, by mail, online, or on the phone.
  4. Prepare for an interview by a Social Security claims representative which will occur on the phone or in person. You may also complete the Disability Report online.
  5. Complete the Medical and Job Worksheet for adults. This will help you prepare for the interview or in completing the Disability Report online.
  6. Be fully prepared to give details of why it is not possible for you to work. Include how your disability prevents you from your daily activities at work, at home, and for recreation.

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