Preventing Suicides of Veterans with Mental Illness

The stigma that mental illness carries in our society often prevents many individuals from seeking the help they desperately need. Our Veterans can be some of the most afflicted with mental illness. The statistics of Veterans who commit suicide is troubling. Preventing suicide among our Veterans is a huge priority.

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Veterans face unspeakable tragedy while serving in wartime. Often, they return home to face mental health conditions resulting from their horrific experiences. The Veterans Affairs (VA) recognizes the need to improve treatment for Veterans who suffer from psychiatric issues in preventing suicides. The first step to preventing suicides of Veterans is to get them to admit they are suffering from mental illness or depression. Many who experience suicidal thoughts are not seeking help in any form.

It is estimated that there are over 8,000 suicidal deaths of Veterans each year in America. While PTSD and TBIs are a significant factor in evaluations of Veterans who suffer mental distress, other factors such as clinical depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and other psychiatric disorders are also associated with a higher risk of suicide. The proper diagnosis is critical to treating each Veteran who suffers mental illness in an effective manner.

After the proper diagnosis, another obstacle to treating Veterans with mental illness is persuading them to participate in the full cycle of prescribed treatment. Successful treatment can require months, if not years, of therapy and medication to allow the Veteran to have a full recovery from the trauma they have suffered. Many Veterans feel they just do not need that much help. It is imperative to educate the Veterans of the importance of complying with the prescribed treatment course.

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If you or someone you know is suffering the effects of mental illness after serving our country, it is imperative to seek help. Veterans should not face their trauma alone. Contact Jan Dils Attorneys at Law today by filling out this form or calling 877.526.3457 if you need help. We will ensure you receive the treatment you need and deserve. Visit our blog dedicated to fighting for veterans for more information.

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