Holding Manufacturers Accountable With Product Liability

Holding Manufacturers Accountable With Product Liability

Product manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are safe for their intended use. This often requires rigorous product testing and research on their end. Unfortunately, many companies haphazardly test products before placing them on the shelves. They prioritize profits over the well-being of customers, and as a result, end up putting merchandise on the market that is hazardous and unsafe.

Thousands of people are injured every year by dangerous or defective products. What keeps consumers safe are product liability laws, which are a set of rules that hold manufacturers accountable if their products cause harm. Additionally, product liability laws enable people injured by faulty goods to recover compensation. You may have a viable product liability case when a dangerous or defunct product has harmed you.

Pharmaceutical Product Liability

Product liability is not limited to household goods such as chairs or toys; dangerous medications can also fall under product liability. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must test drugs and receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before mass rollouts. However, FDA approval is based on ‘evidence’ provided by the product’s manufacturer—meaning a company that did not prioritize thorough testing and research could get an inherently dangerous drug approved. FDA approval does not guarantee drug safety.

Manufacturers must warn the general public about any and all dangerous side effects that could arise through the use of their medications. The potential side effects and long-term consequences are not always documented if a drug is not thoroughly tested and researched. Product liability laws are implemented within the pharmaceutical industry for these exact reasons; to protect consumers and penalize companies that do not take the proper steps during the manufacturing phase. There are three types of product liability claims for which injured parties could seek compensation: claims for drugs with dangerous side effects, claims for defective drugs, and claims for false/omissive advertising.

Exposure to Dangerous Materials

Dangerous materials, such as asbestos, can cause various cancers like mesothelioma. Asbestos is a type of fibrous mineral that can be found in many products. Exposure to this mineral through the inhalation of its fibers can lead to life-threatening diseases.

Unfortunately, some products contain traces of asbestos: roofing tiles, insulation materials, drywall, and some makeup products. If an injured party believes that a particular product contains these harmful materials, he or she may have a viable product liability claim.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Certain chemicals, like benzene, can cause various cancers such as Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Manufacturers like Bayer have faced over a thousand roundup lawsuits due to cancer diagnoses linked with these hazardous chemicals. While Roundup is allowed in the United States, it is classified as “probably carcinogenic,” meaning it likely causes cancer.

Benzene is also found in certain sunscreens. In fact, seventy (70) types of popular sunscreens have been recalled due to toxic benzene levels. Gathered evidence can help prove a product liability claim for those who are exposed to weed killers and sunscreen.

Injury From Faulty Machinery

While working at a factory, getting injured might be inevitable. However, if the injury was caused by faulty machinery, the injured worker may be eligible to pursue legal action against the machine’s manufacturer. Some common machinery injuries include traumatic brain injuries, burns caused by fires, crashes, and electric shocks. Several machines, such as cranes, abrasives, food processing equipment, fabric, textile machinery, and more, could prove faulty. Product liability within this space could be categorized as design defects, manufacturing defects, and breach of warranty.

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