Can I Apply for SSDI and SSI at the Same Time?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can be applied for at the same time. A few disabled candidates are eligible to receive both types of benefits. A Social Security lawyer at Jan Dils Attorneys at Law in WV can assist in filing for either or both.

What are the Differences Between SSDI and SSI?

SSDI benefits are typically reserved for individuals who suffer a disability who have paid into the FICA payroll tax system through a previous work history. The type of disability you suffer, your age, the number of years you have worked, and the length of your disability will be considered in the approval process of applying for SSDI.

SSI is a need-based benefit that helps disabled individuals who have low income and little to no resources to meet daily basic needs. Work history is not a requirement for SSI. Your assets and total financial worth will be evaluated during the application process. SSI benefits pay a monthly compensation based on if you live independently or in a facilitated living facility, and the income threshold is determined by the state.

Can I Apply for SSDI and SSI at the Same Time?

Individuals who are approved for a low amount of SSDI benefits may also qualify for SSI benefits. Your total allowable income, including the SSDI compensation must be lower than the income limit stipulated by the SSI program. The Social Security Administration (SSA) typically checks to see if an individual is eligible for Supplemental Security Income when he or she first applies for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

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