Can A Judge Use My Online Profile Against Me?

Social Profile For Information

In today’s culture, it’s easy for people to get information fast—including administrative law judges who are determining the outcome of your Social Security Disability case.

But for the last few years, your information has been safe. The SSA declared that its decision-makers are required to only use approved methods to gather fair and balanced evidence in your claim. Website and social media profiles are off-limits as their accuracy can’t be 100% verified. So professional medical documentation and other forms of evidence have more credibility in a court of law.

However, we still highly recommend that you filter what you post online and check your privacy settings on social media. The SSA’s declaration may not prevent decision-makers from conducting their own unofficial investigations they may be able to support with concrete evidence. Plus, in the unlikely event your claim is investigated for fraud, any online information obtained can be used against you in that case.

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