Attorney Advice on How to Win Your SSDI Appeal

Attorney Advice on How to Win Your SSDI Appeal

A Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) appeal has many steps, making it difficult to get the support you need. Often, disabled workers make mistakes when filing an appeal that cause unnecessary delays. If you want to win your SSDI appeal, follow our attorneys’ advice to improve your chances of success in your Social Security disability benefits claim.

Best Practices for Filing Your SSDI Appeal

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will disclose the status of your SSDI application by sending a letter of approval or denial. If you are denied disability benefits, you have 60 days after the date listed in the letter to file an SSDI appeal. Do not wait until after the deadline to file your SSDI appeal, as it will take longer to process and may affect the outcome of your claim.

You should provide the SSA with statement detailing why they should reconsider their decision on your eligibility for SSDI. You may also include additional evidence to support your claim.

Documents Needed to Win an SSDI Appeal

The documents you must file to initiate a successful SSDI appeal include:

  • Form SSA-561
  • Reconsideration Disability Report
  • Authorization to Disclose Information to the SSA

You may submit these documents online through the SSA’s website.

Form SSA-561 is used to request reconsideration of your eligibility if you were denied SSDI benefits on an initial application. Reconsideration Disability Report adds all relevant details to your claim so that it is up to date. Finally, the Authorization to Disclose Information to the SSA form gives permission to the SSA to access your medical records and provides context regarding your inability to work.

Updated Medical History and a Doctor’s Letter

Your medical records are integral to winning your SSDI appeal because they provide legitimacy to your claims. Your doctor can provide you with a reference letter that serves as an expert opinion and witness testimony of your medical condition and your limitations. Your doctor can also complete the SSA’s Residual Functional Capacity assessment form in addition to a letter or in lieu of a letter.

Ask a Knowledgeable Attorney about how to Win Your SSDI Appeal

When filing for an SSDI appeal, it’s always in your best interest to hire an experienced attorney. Your trusted attorney can help you submit all your documents in a timely manner and add new evidence to support your claim so that your appeal successfully overturns the SSA’s ruling. If you’d like assistance with your case, contact us and speak with an experienced disability advocate.

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