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Trucks have an extraordinary capacity to cause property damage and physical harm if they are not operated safely. One wrong move on behalf of a trucker can have devastating consequences for the drivers of nearby vehicles.

If you were hurt in a collision with a commercial vehicle, you might be eligible to recover compensation from those responsible. However, pursuing legal action over a truck crash can be uniquely complex, as several liable parties may be involved in your accident. Because of this, you need an experienced personal injury attorney in your corner to ensure those who bear fault for your harm are held financially accountable. Contact our firm today to discuss your unique case with a dedicated Belpre truck accident lawyer.

Holding Commercial Trucking Companies Liable

Everyone who drives on public roads in Ohio has the same essential duty under the law to obey traffic regulations. This includes watching out for obstacles and other people nearby and always acting reasonably behind the wheel. These rules are no different for commercial truck drivers.

For truckers and trucking companies working across state lines, it is essential to stay aware of the various federal regulations governing how long drivers can stay on the road within certain spans of time, and how much cargo is permitted per trip.

Anyone who violates this “duty of care” and causes physical injury as a direct result has engaged in “negligence.” This is the legal basis for almost every personal injury lawsuit pursued in the Buckeye State. For a truck driver, this can mean committing a traffic violation, driving drunk, or simply not paying attention and crashing into someone else as a result.

For trucking companies, on the other hand, negligence can entail failing to enforce safe hiring practices, failing to maintain trucks appropriately, or even deliberately forcing drivers to break federal law as a money-saving tactic. Guidance from a Belpre attorney can be vital in identifying exactly who bears fault for a specific truck wreck and acting accordingly.

How State Law Could Inhibit Civil Recovery

Importantly, someone who gets injured because of a truck driver or trucking company’s negligence can sometimes miss out on compensation should a court find him or her partially to blame for causing his or her own accident. Under Ohio Revised Code §2315.33, any person found primarily to blame for their own personal injury cannot receive any civil compensation for that incident, and lesser shares of fault assigned to injured plaintiffs will result in proportional reductions to whatever damage award he or she does receive.

Furthermore, O.R.C. §2305.10 sets a two-year filing deadline for most truck accident lawsuits, generally starting on the date the collision occurred. A seasoned attorney’s assistance can make a world of difference in overcoming these sorts of procedural roadblocks after a serious truck accident in Belpre.

Speak With a Belpre Truck Accident Attorney Today

Getting hit by a reckless or careless truck driver can be a life-altering experience. If this type of wreck has left you with permanent and debilitating injuries, taking advantage of your right to demand financial restitution could be vital to protecting your current and future prospects.

A seasoned Belpre truck accident lawyer can be an irreplaceable ally throughout your entire case, diligently pursuing the compensation you need to get back on your feet. Call our firm today to schedule a consultation.

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