Side-Impact and Rollover Accidents in Parkersburg

Many motor vehicle accidents result in nothing more than a fender-bender and maybe a busted taillight. However, where another vehicle T-bones your own, and even causes it to flip over, you might sustain significant injuries. To acquire financial compensation, you may need to work with a skilled car accident attorney who knows how these claims work. Please call our law firm if you were involved in a side-impact or rollover accident in Parkersburg.

The Severity of Side-Impact Crashes

Side-impact car crashes often occur when someone fails to yield right of way, runs through a red light, or switches lanes without seeing another motorist in that lane. It could also manifest as a sideswipe incident when one person drives too close to the lane with oncoming traffic.

More likely than not, the passenger or driver on the side of the vehicle that was struck is going to sustain more severe injuries, since there is not much of a structural buffer like in a front-end or rear-end collision. Crashes often produce broken bones, severe lacerations, spine or brain damage, and there can even be injuries resulting from airbag deployment.

What Should Someone Do After Getting T-Boned?

When a crash occurs, an injured person must contact law enforcement and follow up with medical treatment as soon as possible to document injuries. They should then contact an attorney and possibly their own insurance company.

In most cases, liability for a side-impact collision in Parkersburg should be fairly clear-cut – it is often the vehicle that struck the side of the other one. However, if someone failed to yield the right of way, they may end up being the vehicle that sustains the impact. Law enforcement will want to look at the traffic patterns of the area, as well as any nearby video cameras, and determine who ran a red light or committed an action that puts fault onto them.

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accident can occur as a direct result of an impact from another vehicle, especially a T-bone crash, but could also occur when a driver over-steers or swerves to avoid something in the road. West Virginia has a lot of wildlife, and a motorist might swerve to avoid a deer, causing them to rollover. The state is also very mountainous, so there is a decent likelihood of rolling over a hillside, potentially causing life-threatening damage, especially if they were not wearing a seatbelt.

In rollover accidents, to the injured party will likely have substantial property damage to the vehicle, which can be included in a Personal Injury claim for damages.

To reduce the risk of rollovers, motorists should be alert when driving, ignore distractions, be aware of their surroundings, and take appropriate measures to avoid a situation, rather than waiting too late and steering too hard to overcompensate. Weather can also play a role in these types of accidents, and wet or slippery roads can cause a vehicle to careen off the shoulder.

Attorney Assistance With a Rollover Crash

Most likely, a person will not be able to drive out of the situation after a rollover, so law enforcement will have to be called and they would fill out a traffic crash report which can be used in the civil lawsuit.

Parkersburg attorneys would obtain the traffic crash report, investigate the potential cause of the rollover, and look into all possible avenues of recovery. They could even determine if a defective car part or another factor was to blame for the crash, which would change who is to be named on the lawsuit.

Reach Out to a Parkersburg Attorney After a Side-Impact or Rollover Injury

The damage you could sustain when T-boned by another vehicle can be immense, and involve significant medical costs. Do not allow this terrible situation to drain your bank account. Call Jan Dils if you were injured in a side-impact or rollover accident in Parkersburg – we offer free, private consultations.

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