Best Employer Ever!


There are five core values that our firm bases all decisions from and continues to execute daily in and out of work. Strong work ethic, positive places to work, continuous improvement, teamwork and the most important in my opinion, client centered focus. There is a great culture here! We all work as a team. Management encourages feedback, is willing to listen and you can see they address concerns that may be brought to their attention. There are also awesome opportunities to get involved such as “Culture Committee” and “Ideas For Change” that all team members are encouraged to participate in providing a great platform to present ideas and ways to make Jan Dils Attorneys at Law a great place to work. Compensation and the “hidden pay check” are nice as well. If you are willing to put forth your best foot forward and have a strong work ethic then this is the place for you!!


I don’t have any “cons”. The teamwork, continuous improvement and the way that Jan and the Executive Staff (higher management) genuinely care and address any feedback in a timely manner leaves nothing for me to list here.

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Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law

Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law