When You’ve Exhausted Appeals

Many individuals apply for Social Security disability benefits, are not approved, and spend valuable time and energy appealing their case without the representation of an experienced attorney to help them achieve the best possible outcome.

In worst case scenarios, they exceed the number of appeals allowed. But depending on the stage in the appeals process, you may still be eligible to an appeal before a federal court.

If this describes you, we urge you not to request an appearance in a federal district court without quality legal representation. With a limited number of opportunities to successfully pass your case, it’s imperative to give it the best chance possible.

Although attorneys may not be as knowledgeable about your medical condition as you are, a Social Security disability attorney can contribute in many more valuable ways. For one, they can ascertain which information is strategic to present and which details could be harmful.

An experienced Social Security disability attorney will also ensure official documents and procedural aspects do not jeopardize your eligibility in any way. When your livelihood is on the line, an advocate with expertise and a proven record can give your claim the best opportunity for success.

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