WTAP Changes

WTAP Changes

Over the last several months, local television stations have been making federally mandated changes to their towers, resulting in a change of frequency for the stations. This may impact West Virginia residents who rely on an antenna to watch local stations like WTAP.

On February 3, WTAP switched frequencies to comply with federal mandates. While this doesn’t impact those who view the station via cable or satellite, those who use an antenna have been affected.

If you are one of these viewers, you will need to rescan your television set or converter box in order to be able to view as usual – this is something your cable or service provider does for you if you use cable or satellite.

To rescan, take the following steps:

  1. Select auto-tune or scan from your television set or converter box.
  2. Your TV will complete the process after you do this. It typically takes a few minutes to complete.

If you experience difficulties, you can read more here or contact the Federal Communications Commission’s hotline at 888.225.5322.

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