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Trying to obtain a Social Security disability benefit can be a complicated process requiring proper documentation of proof before approval. Many applicants whose initial application for a Social Security Disability Benefit was disapproved attempt to resubmit their appeal. Due to the complex requirements in the process, disapproval rate has been high.  In fact, former Major League Baseball player Brian Doyle once said that it is easier to win a world series than to get your Social Security Disability claim approved. These days, you can save yourself a great deal of stress from false leads and other application pitfalls by consulting with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer in Huntington, WV, or any reliable attorney from your area.

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Generally, what complicates the filing process is in trying to prove—and providing the evidence (of)—the extent of one’s disability.  According to the U.S Code of Law Paragraph 3 Section B “an individual shall be determined to be under a disability only if his physical or mental impairment or impairments are of such severity that he is not only unable to do his previous work but cannot, considering his age, education, and work experience, engage in any other kind of substantial gainful work which exists in the national economy”.

In other words having a disability alone does not automatically guarantee that the disabled should merit receiving benefits from the government. The disabled thinking of filing claims for Social Security benefits must be able to prove that their disability falls within the parameters of varied conditions as set by the administration.

You could save yourself a lot of time running around and trying to figure things out by consulting with established Huntington, WV Social Security Disability attorneys from firms like Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, who have dealt with Social Security Disability claims for many years.  Experienced attorneys will almost always take your case when they believe they can build a solid case from your claim, with the objective of helping you get the benefits that you deserve. Documentation will include gathering medical records, past work records, and testaments from professionals, among others.

Pushing your claim through the system can get complicated without a professional to guide you through the proceedings. Avoid the risks of delays or disapproved claims due to incomplete submission of requirements or weak arguments. People usually find the entire process so daunting that they just choose to give up their claims even if they clearly stand a chance to win some benefits. Consult with a Social Security Disability attorney right away before you abandon your claim.


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