Why Should I Hire an Attorney for my Social Security Claim?

SparkyIf you are thinking about filing an application for Social Security Disability benefits, you may have no idea how to get started. If you have already filed an application for benefits, you already know how confusing it can be. You may be thinking about hiring an attorney to help with your claim but what are the benefits to hiring an attorney?

Social Security is a very specialized process and an attorney that is familiar with Social Security Disability is going to be very familiar with the many laws and procedures involved in processing your claim for benefits. An attorney is going to be able to help guide you through the processes from starting an application all the way through to a hearing if need be. Your attorney can offer advice and help educate you through the in’s and out’s. I find that clients really enjoy having someone who can answer their questions so that he/she understands what is going on and why. Understanding Social Security Disability rules and regulations and having someone explain these to you in terms that you can understand can help relieve your frustration.

Your attorney will assist you in completing any forms that SSA requires you to fill out, file any needed appeals with SSA, request your medical records and submit relevant records to SSA,  correspond with SSA and the hearings office about your claim and represent you at a hearing. Your attorney can also help resolve payment problems with SSA after you have been approved.

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