Why do I have to fill out a Work History Report?

Have you ever wondered why you have to fill out a form regarding your work history when the government knows where you’ve worked? Well, the answer is quite simple. Though the Social Security Administration has easy access to your earnings and place of employment, they do not receive complete job descriptions for you.

One of the factors in determining whether you can be awarded disability benefits is proving that you are unable to perform your past work. Even though the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and other publications will assist the individuals in deciding your claim, no one can better describe the way you performed your previous work as you can.

For example, a receptionist for a manufacturing business may have been required to lift heavier items and stand more frequently than a receptionist in an accounting office. The point to this example is that you cannot compare two jobs just by their job title. The work history report sent to you by the Disability Determination Section allows you to describe how you performed your job. This gives you the opportunity to list details of your specific job duties that may not be seen in the publications that your decision makers use.

Even though this form may seem very simple and unnecessary, it can be a key factor in deciding your disability claim. The work history report can be completed in a matter of minutes and if you need assistance completing this form, please contact your case manager!

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