When Your Wait for Social Security Disability Is Longer Than Average

Since each Social Security Disability claim is unique, the length it takes to receive a decision can mean different things. So if it seems your case has been under evaluation for an abnormally lengthy period of time, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to receive a denial. As we’ve written many times, there are several variables at work in the determination of a disability claim, and the process isn’t black and white.

If your case contains more variables – more tests required, more documentation needed, a condition with limitations that aren’t as obvious or quantifiable as others – this could mean a longer Social Security Disability Waiting Period time. For example, compared to the claim of an individual with a severe disabling condition and plenty of medical documentation to support it, the SSA may require more time to evaluate all of the factors in the case of a person with a mental health condition.

Your case could also have reached what seems like a standstill if the SSA is SSDI waiting periodon paperwork, such as medical records from a healthcare facility that takes a while to locate them or process the request. Since healthcare providers place the utmost priority on caring for their current patients, sometimes they aren’t as diligent about fulfilling SSA requests in a timely manner.

Furthermore, a longer wait could simply mean that your case has been assigned to a decision maker who historically takes more time, whether he or she has a higher attention to detail or a fuller caseload than average.

While the waiting can be difficult, especially when factors are out of your control, experienced legal representation can make sure the process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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