What is the SSA’s Work History Report?

What is the SSA’s Work History Report?

We all know that applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a time-consuming, multi-step process. In the midst of such a process, it can be easy to become confused or even forget crucial steps. One of the many steps needed to secure benefits is filling out the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Work History Report, which details the jobs you have held in the past. The Jan Dils team of Social Security Disability lawyers can offer guidance on how to properly fill out this report as part of your application.

How Does Someone Qualify for SSDI?

To qualify for SSDI, an applicant must have worked in jobs that are covered by Social Security, as well as have a medical condition that falls under the SSA’s definition of disability. SSDI is specifically for people living with permanent disabilities that (1) prevent him or her from working at the same level as they were working before their injury, (2) cannot adjust that work, or (3) cannot do any work at all.

To meet the requirements laid out by the SSA, that condition must also be expected to last for a minimum of one full year or eventually result in death. These benefits will usually extend until the individual is able to return to work again on a regular basis, if possible.

What Exactly Is the SSA’s Work History Report?

As mentioned previously, you will need to have enough work credits in order to qualify, which is assessed through a Work History Report, also known as Form SSA-3369-BK. Just as the name says, you will need to systematically go through your past work history, detailing various aspects of your employment such as how long you held the position, how much you were paid, as well as how frequently. Perhaps most importantly, you will also detail what you did within the role, what equipment you used, as well as how your mobility was impacted.

While at first glance this may seem unrelated to your current situation, this type of information helps the SSA get a better image of the work you did in your former roles and how your disability impacts your ability to perform that work. With this information, the SSA will make a judgment about your need for SSDI.

Call Us and Confirm the Accuracy of Your Work History Report

By completing the Work History Report, you give the SSA the opportunity to better understand how your employment is impacted by your current disability, which in turn increases your chance of securing the benefits you need. If you still have uncertainty about the SSA’s Work History Report or are confused about how exactly to approach it, you can get assistance from qualified Social Security Disability benefits attorneys. We offer free consultations and also provide an SSDI eligibility quiz to help you find out if you can get these benefits.

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