What is DDS in a Social Security Claim?

DDS (Disability Determination Services) is a State Agency that Social Security uses to review claims to see if you are disabled and entitled to Social Security disability benefits.

After you submit your initial application to SSA and they decide that you fall under the guidelines to apply, your file is then sent to DDS and your medical records are requested to develop your claim. They might send you forms to be filled out periodically; such as function reports, pain questionnaires or work history reports. It is to your advantage to answer their questions and provide them all of your doctor’s names. After gathering this information, they might also send you their doctors for an evaluation. They will then take all of this information and decide if you are disabled under the Social Security rules.

DDS can make the decision to approve your claim before it goes any further. If they find you are disabled SSA will contact you and get the necessary information to get your checks started.

Unfortunately, if you are denied you will need to appeal the decision so that your claim can be developed and hopefully a favorable outcome will be decided for you.

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