What Do I Need to Know About Ticket to Work?

What Do I Need to Know About Ticket to Work?

If you are a recipient of Social Security disability benefits, you may be unsure as to whether you are permitted to work while receiving those benefits. The short answer is yes, with stipulations placed on the income you may receive via the Ticket to Work program.  If you receive Social Security disability and would like to return to work, this program is ideal for you.


What is Ticket to Work, and how does it benefit those looking for work?


Under the program, recipients of Social Security disability benefits are issued a “Ticket” they can use to receive free services that will help them prepare to return to work. When the Ticket is redeemed, the Social Security Administration pays the provider of those services (assuming the provider has been approved) on behalf of the disability recipient.


Service providers are referred to as Employment Networks (EN), and they can be employers, agencies or individuals. Basically, they are any public or private entity (besides federal agencies) capable of providing services that can help a Social Security disability recipient prepare to return to the workforce.


Once you and an EN have decided to work together, and you’ve chosen to apply your Ticket to the services they offer, you will be expected to make “timely progress” toward your career goals. Whether that means receiving additional education or completing a vocational training program, for example, you will be asked to demonstrate that you are closer to reducing or eliminating your dependence on Social Security disability benefits.


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